Saturday, November 23, 2013

Thanksgiving Wishes!!!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Much to be Thankful For

We have much to be thankful for…
family and friends at the door.

glad to share
ready to help
happy to be together

We have much to be thankful for…
the Thanksgiving table set for more.

turkey with all the trimmings
decorations that delight
harvest pumpkin pie

We have much to be thankful for…
the oceans, beach and shore.

cresting waves
glistening sands
dazzling sunsets

We have much to be thankful for…
a beautiful world to explore.

natural wonders
incredible dreams
glorious adventures

We Wish You Much to be Thankful for!!!

In Loving Memory of
Mary Gibson

1948 – 2013
Gone from our lives…always in our hearts.

 SurfWriter Girls Patti & Sunny

Island photos courtesy of Don MacLean, who’s “living the dream“ in Thailand.

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