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International Surfing Museum Showcases Artist Dave Reynolds

Minimal Surf Exhibit = Maximum Creativity

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In art there is a saying: “Less is more.” This is proving to be true at the International Surfing Museum in Huntington Beach (441 Olive Avenue), which is showcasing local artist Dave Reynolds’ exhibit Minimal Surf – a deft demonstration of the high impact that can be made by just a few brushstrokes. 

Dave Reynolds in his studio

The exhibit, which runs through February 19, honors past and present surfing legends, such as 1976 World Surfing Champion Peter Townend, who is currently the surf museum’s Vice Chairman.

In discussing his artistic style with SurfWriter Girls Sunny Magdaug and Patti Kishel, Reynolds said, “My work tries to capture the surfer’s style using the least amount of brushstrokes or lines. Somehow, when your mind sees just the basic lines, it fills in the rest.” 

Borrowing from the Minimalist Movement in art that began in the 1960s and 1970s, Reynolds is the latest in a list of distinguished artists, including Frank Stella, to express himself by eliminating all non-essentials from his creations. 

Some of the surf legends who have been immortalized with Reynolds’ economical brushstrokes include: ASP World Champion record holder Kelly Slater... 

Greg Noll and Mickey Dora... 

Gerry Lopez, and Shaun Tomson.

And even Surf Bonz...

Visitors to the exhibit will have fun spotting and identifying their favorite surfers, each one captured by Reynolds in a trademark pose.

Cowabunga! You can even be in a Dave Reynolds painting yourself.

As part of the Minimal Surf exhibit, Reynolds is offering a special $200 Surf Hero Package in which you receive an original 16x20’’ brushstroke painting – of you on a surfboard, skateboard or snowboard. The package includes all related sketches and drawings of you and two T-shirts imprinted with the graphic design.

Surf Hero Package

Reynolds, who is also the International Surfing Museum’s Exhibits Director, knows the world of surfing inside and out. In addition to being an avid surfer and talented surf artist, his company makes trophies for everything from surf club contests all the way up to the ASP World Tour Events.

Reynolds told SurfWriter Girls, “I have created more surf trophies than anyone else in the world."

Duke Kahanamoku Trophy Awards

"Most of my surf trophies utilize my surf art or exact-scale mini surfboards, sometimes both."

Longboard Pro-Am Trophy

"I also design and produce all kinds of surfing related home decor and desk items.”

International Surfing Museum Director Cindy Cross said, “The museum is really fortunate to have Dave as our Exhibits Director. We’re so proud to have him. He is an incredible person and brings such a strong artistic background and is directly involved in the surfing community.” 

Patti, Cindy & Sunny
An artist who is often inspired by the local beach scene, Reynolds lives in Huntington Beach with his wife Kellie...

Dave & Kellie

and two dogs, Nacho and Lance, a Chihuahua and a Labrador mix – both of whom love to surf!

Nacho is a Hot Dog Surfer

Reynold's favorite surfing spots are The Cliffs and Bolsa Chica Main Tower.

To find out more about the Minimal Surf exhibit or the International Surfing Museum, you can go to the museum’s website. The museum’s phone number is 714-960-3483. 

There's so much to see you'll need to stop and take a break just to absorb everything that's around you.

Greg Kishel taking it all in 

And when you’re at the museum, make sure to check out the Wax On –The History of Surf Wax exhibit.

SurfWriter Girls couldn’t believe all the different kinds of wax on display.

Reynolds said, “It includes almost 1,000 historical and outrageous bars of wax. It’s definitely our best smelling exhibit!”

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