Thursday, July 2, 2015

Coast-it Notes # 3

From SurfWriter Girls Sunny Magdaug and Patti Kishel

Fact, foto & fun notes about surfing and the coast

Featured Fotos:

At this year’s International Surfing Day June 20th in Huntington Beach Surf City went for two Guinness World Records – World’s Largest Surfboard and The Most People Riding a Surfboard.  

The Epic Big Board Ride was a BIG success. Congrats to HB!

Test Your Knowledge:

1. How many riders were on board for HB’s Epic Big Board Ride?

a. 39
b. 48
c. 66
d. 71

2. Flip flop sandals date back 1500 years to the:

a. Egyptians
b. Japanese
c. Chinese
d. Incas

3. This local surf/ocean artist specializes in painting surfing champions and is known for his minimalist style.

a. Ron Croci
b. Dave Reynolds
c. Robb Havassy
d. Rickie Blake

4. If you want to help the environment, the next time you are eating in a restaurant look for this designation on the menu.

a. Low-carb
b. hydrogenated
c. fat-free
d. sustainable

5. Custom wetsuit-maker Tony Jones, of Coral Reef Wetsuits, uses this slogan:

a. We're the faves for the waves
b. We build the best and repair the rest
c. Keeps you warm even in a storm
d. Made by hand for surf and sand

Answers: 1. c; 2. a; 3. b; 4. d; 5. b

Featured Funnies:

Featured Facts:

Tiki retro-style art, which was all the rage in the 1950s, is still alive and well today with tikis showing up in everything from art and architecture to fashion and food. So, keep a look out. You never know where Tiki is going to turn up.

The average person throws away 313 plastic bags a year, many of which end up in the ocean. According to researchers, if everyone in New York City used just one less plastic bag a year the annual plastic waste would be reduced by 55 tons. 

On a hot, summer day a cold beer or soda is a great cool-down. If you want to make your own personal creation, just go to Brewbakers in Huntington Beach and tap into your inner brew master.

Remember the classic horror movie The Blob? Well, scientists have found another blob – in the Pacific Ocean of North America. It's an unusually warm mass of water 500 miles wide and 300-feet deep. Oceanographers are trying to figure out what caused it and what impact it is having on sea life. 

A healthy way to jumpstart your day is by having muesli - a blend of cereal, fresh fruit and yogurt - for breakfast. A favorite with the Swiss, SurfWriter GIrl Sunny learned how to make it when she lived in Switzerland and discovered it's as good a boost for surfers as for skiers.

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Monday, June 22, 2015

International Surfing Day 2015

An Epic Day for Surfing –
Two Guinness Records for HB   

Written by SurfWriter Girls Sunny Magdaug and Patti Kishel

At this year’s International Surfing Day (ISD) in Huntington Beach on June 20th everyone was eager to celebrate surfing and to see history in the making as HB went for two spots in the Guinness World Records book. 


The emphasis of this year’s ISD was on BIG – with Huntington Beach staging its Epic Big Board Ride featuring the world’s largest surfboard with the most people riding a surfboard at once

The City of Huntington Beach, title sponsor Hurley, and other surfing community leaders joined forces to make this Epic event a reality – with a 42-foot-long board and 66 riders piling on top for the ride of a lifetime.

Epic Big Board Ride Event Coordinator Celeste Hamil told SurfWriter Girls Sunny Magdaug and Patti Kishel that it took a lot of work to put everything together, saying, “The end result was well worth the effort of a year of planning by an international team of builders, consultants and surf professionals.”

Hamil added, “I am, as the surfers say, ‘totally stoked’ to participate in a once in a lifetime experience that will continue to resonate in a meaningful way for the community, visitors and sponsors for many years to come.” 

Duke Aipa, one of the surfers chosen to ride on the board, was excited to be a part of this historic event and couldn’t wait to get in the water.

Surfers and spectators alike surrounded the Big Board, anticipating its launch. Then everyone waited as it made its way out past the breakers and was positioned to catch a wave.   

Finally, after all the work, when the Big Board came riding in on a wave – with all those on board standing up – everyone on the beach and on the pier broke out in cheers.


It couldn’t have been a better day for surfing…especially since it was on International Surfing Day. 

An annual event to celebrate the sport of surfing and to give something back to the world’s oceans and beaches, ISD was started in 2005 by the Surfrider Foundation and Surfing magazine. Now there are 200-plus events in more than 30 countries.

Surfrider’s Huntington/Seal Beach Chapter and the Newport Beach and Long Beach chapters had booths set up on the sand and hosted a jam-packed day of education, entertainment, and beach cleanup activities.

SurfWriter Girls Sunny and Patti were glad to see such a big turnout.

And over 30 sponsors participated.

Manuel Florence was at the Brewbaker’s booth – showcasing his latest craft sodas and giving out samples of orange cream soda.

Pedego’s electric bikes were on display.

Seth Matson was eager to tell beachgoers about his new environmental organization Drains to Ocean, which will help to keep toxic water runoff from polluting the ocean.

Red Bull had a lounge tent set up that people could duck into to beat the heat.

First-time ISD sponsor Cakez and Cupcakez had a tempting array of treats.

Kind and Cabo Chips had samples

When the sun came out Hubert’s Lemonade hit the spot.

Rubio’s had prizes.

So Cal Kite Surfing gave out information about their kite surfing lessons in Belmont Shore with experienced IKO certified instructors.

And the LA Video Drone team was on hand to provide an aerial view of all the activities up and down the beach.

As usual, Surfrider H/SB Chairperson Tony Soriano was everywhere – setting up booths, coordinating with Celeste Hamil, greeting people, and making sure that Surfrider’s environmental message got out.   

By the end of the day thousands of people came out to HB to celebrate ISD-2015, watch the Epic Big Board Ride and remove over 120 lbs. of trash and cigarette butts from the beach.

All in all, it was definitely an epic day for surfing.

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