Sunday, March 21, 2021

Spring Break Books by Lynne Cox

 Whale of a Tales for Groms and Adults, too!

Written by SurfWriter Girls Sunny Magdaug and Patti Kishel

Going to school this year has been different from anything we've ever known. It's hard to think about Spring Break when we haven't even been in school. But we all still need something special and fun to do for ourselves on a relaxing spring day. 

These two books by world champion, open water swimmer Lynne Cox are perfect for your children...or the child in you.


So, find a comfy spot - in a hammock under a tree, on the deck looking over the sea, or your own secret special place...and enjoy these ocean getaways.


Elizabeth, Queen of the Seas, illustrated by Caldecott Medal Winner Brian Floca, is a School Library Journal Best Children's Book of the Year. Set in Christchurch, New Zealand, it's the story of a whale seal named Elizabeth who likes to bask in the sun - in the middle of the town's two-lane road - far from where she should be in the open sea.


Based on a true story told to Cox by two children in the town, Cox brings it to life for the rest of us, recounting Elizabeth's incredible journey up the Avon River and her search for a place to call her own.


SurfWriter Girls love the beauty of this story and its message of the meaning of home and family.

Grayson is the captivating bestseller of Cox's face-to-face encounter with a baby whale off the California coast when Cox was a teenager. Separated from its mother, the whale decides to follow Cox on her swim. But, if Cox can't find a way to reunite the missing mother and child, the baby whale could die.


Two tiny specks in the huge ocean swimming together while anxious bystanders watch from shore, it becomes an endurance test for both of them. And a question of if the mother whale will find them in time.

 A page-turner in the purest sense of the word, SurfWriter Girls know you will be caught up in this thrilling story.


So, put the schoolwork or housework aside for a while and let these wonderful for Spring Break books by Lynne Cox take you on two incredible, real-life adventures.   

SurfWriter Girls

Surf’n Beach Scene Magazine

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